Ep#294: Primaries and Patronizing Politicians


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Primaries: All the info on today’s primaries @1:14 Fetterman and Van Collen @8:10 Follow-up: How Roe will likely affect the church @14:35 Alito is NOT in undisclosed location @19:19 Other religious groups fighting abortion bans @21:52 Conspiracies: “Distrusting experts is part of their identify” @26:45 Politics: Janice McGeachin @32:13 11 GOP vote against helping Ukraine @42:08 Religious Nonsense: Christian Academy in KY assignment @45:33 “In God We Trust”, on Police vehicles, in Kansas @48:33 10 new saints @50:07 Final Stories: Behold, the bottomless pit holding everything together @55:18 What’s James Comwell up to? @59:25

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