Ep#293: Roe and BongBong


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Follow-up: Trump’s contempt dodge turned down @1:30 On Roe: Andrew Seidel @4:48 The true source of Christian 'righteousness’ @8:02 Impact on lives @15:21 But with exceptions? @17:49 Pew survey @19:02 Is Griswold next? @19:36 McConnel on national abortion ban @21:15 Schumer modifies proposed law @22:00 Politics: BongBong for the win @27:13 GOP nominee wins spot @33:20 Where’s Pence? Oh, there he is! @34:58 Religious Nonsense: Schaap released early @41:38 Thai poo cult @47:37 Coronavirus: Dashboard COVID numbers by county CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center Help CFI fight the War against COVID 15 million @55:22 More info on J&J @57:29 Conspiracies: Jones the hero nobody needs @59:18 Secretary of Ag not arrested @1:01:16 A new name popping up @1:02:21

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