How Evernote worked with its data team to boost conversions | Senior Director of Product, Growth at Evernote


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Evernote has hundreds of millions of users.
So how does this OG PLG juggernaut keep on growing?

  1. Data, data, data. At this scale the company is more like a B2C than B2B company. No wonder Rick Sawyer, Evernote's Senior Director of Product, Growth used to work at DraftKings, a sports betting company. From the backend, to the human resources, Evernote has built up a sophisticated set of data operations.
  2. Personalization along the funnel. Having been around for 15 years, Evernote has accumulated tons of features. Not every user is interested in all of them, so the Product team works hard to funnel users towards the right set of experiences. No one should feel overwhelmed by the features.
  3. A large analytics function to support GTM and growth teams. Oftentimes, Growth teams notice user needs through the data, not just from talking to customers. When your users number in the millions, sometimes the data tells a more complete story than trying to sample the user base.

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