Matt Ranta discusses E commerce, due diligence and red flags.


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Introducing Matt

Matt is the Head of Practice for digital and e-commerce as well as strategy at Nimble Gravity. He started at operations, and now over the last 2 decades, he has slowly transitioned to be acquainted with the digital side and now covers the world of e-commerce. He’s been in other digital-related fields such as telecommunications and mobile ad tech space.

What You Will Learn

- Decision-making for PE Firms

- Utilizing different tools to analyze e-commerce data trends

- How due diligence can help value creation

- E-commerce essentials, tools, and red flags


[00:45] Introduction of Matt

[01:55] From Operations to PE Consultancy

[02:58] Mistakes PE Firms Make for Correction

[03:58] Recommendation on Data Trends

[06:36] Due Diligence for Value Creation

[08:41] Advice for E-Commerce Companies

[13:29] Red Flags for E-Commerce

[17:39] Areas of Adoption for E-Commerce

[21:19] How do Firms Prevent themselves to become an overkill of content

[25:59] Likes and Dislikes About Private Equity

[27:59] Three Attributes to Become a Top Performer

[28:49] Other Resources to Listen to

[30:24] Best to Reach Matt

The World of E-Commerce

In this new age of business, especially after the height of COVID, e-commerce has significantly risen as one of the essential industries in the world. Firms have now developed themselves to adapt to the e-commerce spectrum. Utilizing resources for tools to analyze market trends for faster-decision making, data of consumer behavior and trends, as well as analyzing means to generate value for the firm and the partners involved. In this new digital age, it is also important to see how social media has now dominated the business world.

E-Commerce Essentials

When integrating private equity to the spectrum of e-commerce, it is also similar to adjusting to a new world of business. Doing so, you may also need to heavily invest in quality resources that can keep your firm in demand for consumers and potentially ahead of customers. Essentials include tools that can forecast price changes, flow of specific products within certain locations, generation of content that keeps consumers interested and feel naturally drawn to.

Other Resource Materials:

- Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam

- Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris

- Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

- Good to Great by Jim Collins

- Masters of Scale Podcast

How to Reach Matt

Matt’s Linkedin

Nimble Gravity Website

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