Mixed Media Artist | Teena Martin | Episode 732


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Teena Martin started taking pottery classes at a local community arts centre, and this quickly became one of her many forms of expression. Teena considers herself a "self taught" artist because she is not formally trained in ceramics, photography or painting, though she has had many wonderful teachers along the way. When Teena began working with clay her main goal at the start was to throw the biggest bowl possible. That is the wonder of clay, once she threw her 1,000 bowls, extruded dozens of casseroles, made literally 100's of slab plates (with very rude words!) Teena had enough of 'production work' so she went a completely different direction and found her joy! For the last few years Teena has been exploring many different styles and forms but what has remained consistent is her focus on the whimsical. Teena's love of the ocean plays a large part in her inspiration and her recent projects reflect that passion.

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