Why Are Simple Tasks Still Feeling So Hard Postpartum? - Executive Functioning and the Postpartum Nervous System


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Ever heard of executive functioning? It's our ability to organize our time, the groceries, to keep the house clean, remember planned outings... if your nervous system is 'dysregulated', which can happen after big life events like moving, or having a baby, then your Executive Functioning goes down. This looks like running late, house ALWAYS dirty, forgetting appointments....it can be confusing, embarrassing, and just annoying. Learn how to help your nervous system to recover and re-stabilize, so you can have your get sh*t down prowess back...and love yourself when it isn't. And when you're ready to take it to the next level, APPLY FOR LIZZIE'S 12 WEEK POSTPARTUM PROGRAM HERE: https://lizzielangston.com/program/

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