TPS49 pt.1 BAD BOYS OF BREXIT | John Redwood MP, David Jamieson, Joe Guinan


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This is part 1 of a special episode bringing together voices from across the political spectrum who share a positive vision for Britain outside the European Union. Part 2. MAD LADS OF LEXIT, continues the discussion with David Jamieson and Joe Guinan, and is available to subscribers at Subscribers already got the unedited interview with John Redwood when it was recorded in October. The BAD BOYS are: Sir John Redwood, MP, head of Margaret Thatcher's policy unit, and a longstanding Eurosceptic of the Tory Right. David Jamieson, a Scottish Marxist, co-host of Contercast, and a rare supporter both of Brexit and Scottish Independence. And Joe Guinan, Vice President of the Democracy Collaborative Think Tank and a key contributor to the economic policies of Jeremy Corbyn.

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