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This is the UNLOCKED pt.1 of our interview with Touré Reed. pt. 2 DIANGELO AGONISTES - on liberals' ever-shifting bullshit on race, and why the Left falls for it - is available ONLY to our Patreon supporters. Please consider dropping us £3 a month in exchange for first access to our biggest interviews, as well as regular Patreon-only episodes that never get unlocked. Help us continue. Follow us everywhere and spread the word.

In Toward Freedom: The Case Against Race Reductionism, Touré Reed argues that liberals and self-identified antiracists increasingly think in terms of races embodying inherent qualities: in a mirror image of the more conventional racism they oppose in their antagonists on the right. Reed calls this 'race reductionism'. In part 1 of a wide-ranging interview, we discuss socialist universalism's failure to make inroads with Black voters in 2020, the Black vote for Biden and Trump, the antinomies of BLM, and the danger of underplaying the class basis of mass incarceration and police killings.

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