152. Mindful Days - 7 Days of Guided Breathwork with Shanila Sattar


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Join this fun mini series; Breathe: Guided Breathing for Mindful Days

🌟A super easy and free community offering to get us in the habit of fun breathwork techniques that are different and unique. 🌟Let's build an easy breathwork habit for the days we're definitely not making it to a meditation class! This mini-series follows along with the breathwork book, Breathe, and outlines 7 of the techniques you can do pretty much anytime, anywhere without any of the hassle of needing a lot of time, fancy music, or the right fit! 🌟For 7 days (and bonus extra day hehe), we're going to practice a new technique of breathing that's used for mood, energy, inner healing, grounding, or sleep. 👉🏾Ready to Breathe with me? Start this series anytime. Join us here: https://tinyurl.com/breathe77 Grab your copy of breathe: www.alwaysplay.org/orderbreathe

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