19: Sammie Knight — Real Estate Titan Owning 11 Businesses, Long-Range Planning, The Power of Human Presence & Getting Behind The Gate, How to Get Any Husband to Go Hunting With You, Success in Others


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Guest Bio

I started dating my wife 48 years ago as a couple of 16 yr olds. The past 43 Years we have been married. We have two sons, Cole 34 and Reed 30, and two grand children Ridge 12 and Swayze 11.
After over 18+ years in corporate America with AT&T, Hartford Insurance, Bryan Foods-a division of Sara Lee where I was VP Operations,
Sales, and Marketing shelf stable and International division. From there I turned my sites to entrepreneurship. I spent the last 25 + years as an Owner, Managing Member, minority owner, and operator in the Entrepreneurial space across several industries beginning with Haas Outdoors, Inc owner Mossy Oak brand as EVP/CSO, as an owner of 5 Remax offices; Motto Mortgage; Summit Property Management; Oxford Appliance Repair; 3 Real Estate Investment companies; and my own consulting coaching firm focused on consulting in areas of Operations, Sales and Marketing strategies that fit the staff and the entity.I have worked with many fortune 500companies, non-profits, and small businesses in over 60 countries from manufacturing, printing, operations, marketing, supply chain and logistics
My strengths are sales, marketing and operations.I am driven by the success of our associates, regardless of the company. Each and every day I focus on how we can do it better so they can benefit the most.
The key to success is placing the value on the single most important resource we have, PEOPLE, they truly make the difference. My belief in people came from my Dad, he believed there is greatness in all people. They sometimes need help getting out of their own way.

The Phoenix and The Dragon Description

If X is being a mythical badass. We solve for X. Believe it or not, there's more to life than money, women, and Instagram bullshit. Listen here for all things intelligently and scientifically approached entrepreneurship, personal growth, and overall up-the-f$ck leveling yourself. Attracting grounded, wicked smart, mission-driven 7 and 8-figure business owners. Psychedelics may or may not be involved.

Co-Hosts Scott Conway is a sales and lead generation expert who has a marketing agency www.lgg.media that services brands like Playboy, Remax Corporate, and Fancy. His agency is a certified reseller and operator of Hyros. Helping customers track down to the penny their ROI, and reduce their customer acquisition cost. He started off his career selling door-to-door, and managing security at after-hours events. Ten years later, his strengths include creating SOPs, lead generation, building up leaders, building and training sales teams. He does sketch comedy, impersonations, ayahuasca, kundalini yoga, and is obsessed with history/geopolitics and crushing it in every way: health, relationships, business, and philanthropy. He is a dragon, not part-time, not as a side hustle, but a full-time dragon.

Brian Comstock, an e-commerce brand builder in the ergonomics space (getkneely.com) and business buy/sell broker, is relentlessly focused on exploring and realizing human potential. His diverse entrepreneurial background includes buying, building, and selling a digital/social media marketing agency, brokering the sale of other online businesses, and consulting 7 and 8-figure business owners in systems/efficiency optimization. He's experimented with every form of scientifically-validated healing and human advancement modality he could get his hands on, ranging from MDMA-assisted therapy to multi-day ayahuasca retreats to peptides and stem cells. Personal growth is play for Brian, so you'd find him endlessly toying with the cutting-edge of health and wellness. As such, he's partnered with a fellow biohacker geek to make stem cells and the bleeding edge of anti-aging/regenerative medicine more widely available to the public. Follow him for comedic nonsense @thebubbylove.

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