LIVE Check in Q&A #26


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Questions covered this week;

  • How to approach leads who on a pre-consult form select they’re willing to invest the least money wise. They tend to be cold leads who haven’t followed my content.
  • What’s your ratio of compound to isolation.
    Should I be posting everyday or for example is 4 times a week enough and showing up on stores etc in between Should I be creating more content for marketing online coaching? videos/posters etc? not just pictures?
  • How do you get clients to understand that they are probably under-reporting their calories without coming across as a dick?
  • What are some examples of aims and intent when it comes to lead gen? Sometimes I feel like I need to have a reason to go approach people and I want to know that they will get something from it if that makes sense.
  • How often do you feel you should change a clients program and what things would you consider around this?

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