Does Direct Action Get Anyone Anywhere - With Guest Chase Iron Eyes


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In February 2022, Stuart and William, co-hosts of the well-established The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast, launched the new mini-series 'Indigenous Voices'. For this next instalment, they were joined by Chase Iron Eyes for an interesting conversation, when they revisited a listener question from Adriana in The Netherlands, which was originally discussed in this podcast episode Direct Action, Does It Work?
Chase Iron Eyes is an American Indian activist, attorney, politician, and a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. He is a member of the Lakota People's Law Project, and a co-founder of the Native American news website, Last Real Indians

Chase talks about the systems of law, economy, government, media, all being designed, and these systems are framed to protect capital and property. He explores with us how corporations can destroy a river, but seemingly not face the ramifications, together with telling us about the history of his people, how they've been labelled as barbarians and heathens. He talks of the defence of Mother Earth and how we have it within ourselves to avert this climate crisis.

To continue this new mini-series (Indigenous Voices), the question put to Chase was, "Does direct action get anyone, anywhere?" with a subtle extra question of whether Chase has any examples, from personal experience, of what doors have been opened, or closed due to direct action?

More episodes in the Indigenous Voices mini-series will be recorded in due course with Chase and others, often only available to watch/listen by our Indigenous Champion support tier backers, on Patreon

You don't need to be an expert in the subject matter or in indigenous cultures to enjoy our new mini-series. Just a willingness to explore the unknown, the hard truths, the indigenous viewpoint, and see where it takes us. What can we learn from them and what can they learn from us? What can we learn from each other?
Join us then for this interesting, and often philosophical episode of the podcast. You'll likely need to watch/listen to this more than once, as there's so much in there, and much learning to be gleaned from Chase's wise words.

This podcast's overall themes are nature, philosophy, climate, the human condition, sustainability, and social justice.

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