3.14: Juno Steel and the Mega-Ultrabots of Cyberjustice (Part 2)


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LAST TIME ON "RITA AND THE MEGA-ULTRABOTS OF CYBERJUSTICE": when the nefarious agents of DARK MATTERS assault a facility for housing INNOCENT CRIMINAL ROBOTS, it's up to BEAUTIFUL HEROINE RITA and TWO OTHER PEOPLE I GUESS to save the day! Will our plucky heroine save the day? Will her compatriots forgive her for doing that thing she definitely wasn't supposed to do? Find out... on "RITA AND THE MEGA-ULTRABOTS OF CYBERJUSTICE!"

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(Trigger warnings can be found at the bottom of this episode description and at the end of the transcript.)

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Trigger Warnings:

Violence and threats of violence

Claustrophobic spaces

Sudden loud noises


Pursuit/being chased

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