ANNOUNCEMENT: Digital live performance(s) of Juno Steel and the Promised Land!


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Ticket link:

Tickets will go live on May 25th, 2021, at 1 PM Eastern! Remember, tickets are LIMITED, so get yours while you can.

This is a TWO-PART SHOW, so the performances of Part A will only cover the first half of the plot, while Part B will be the second half. Part A will be performed on June 12th at 7 PM Eastern and June 13th at 1 PM Eastern, so you can choose whichever time works best for you! Part B will be performed only on June 27th at 1 PM Eastern.

Note: Because of the ticketing setup, you WILL need to purchase tickets separately for Part A and Part B. The base price per performance is $10, but we know that people's financial situations vary, so we will also be offering the option to purchase a cheaper ticket, or, if you're feeling generous, to purchase a more expensive ticket to offset the cost of someone else's.

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