Peace Revolution episode 092: The National Security Coup / From Barry Seal to 9-11


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Peace Revolution episode 092: The National Security Coup / From Barry Seal to 9-11

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Reference Map to episode 092: THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUP / From Barry Seal to 9-11

  1. (0min-1min) Reagan asks someone special to join him
  2. (1m-2m) Behind Iran Contra- man on the street
  3. (1m-2m) CIA deals Drugs – Secret Heartbeat of America
  4. (2m-3m) CIA are Drug Smugglers – DEA Director
  5. (3m-4m) Drug smuggling started in Vietnam – Peter Dale Scott from Behind Iran Contra
  6. (4m-5m) Drugs coming in at alarming rates – Reagan
  7. (5m-6m) Clinton, Mena, Barry Seal – Mena
  8. (6m-7m) “fall to communism” argument for Vietnam, et al
  9. (7m-9m) Inside the DEA Drug Sting that blew the lid off of CIA drug trafficking –Mike Levine

10. (9m-10m) Accomplished with your help - Reagan

11. (10m-11m) Behind Iran Contra - Coup

12. (10m-11m) Nancy Reagan – Just Say No

13. (11m-12m) Congressmen get Canned – Behind Iran Contra

14. (11m-12m) Fired Covert Operators yield Bush/Reagan

15. (12m-14m) Iran Contra October Surprise with Barbara Honegger

16. (14m-15m) Bush Clinton Mena – Secret Heartbeat of America

17. (15m-19m) Is the CIA involved in Drug Tafficking? – Ron Paul

18. (19m-24m) CIA Guns and Iran Contra – Marshall Thomas

19. (24m-25m) Fawn Hall and Why Iran

20. (25m-26m) Reagan Lies – Behind Iran Contra

21. (26m-28m) Barry Seal – In Search of American Drug Lords

22. (28m-30m) Barry Seal setup by Govt – Dave Emory 1987

23. (30m-31m) Clinton Questioned – Mena Connection

24. (31m-33m) Time Magazine Cover up – Mena Connection

25. (33m-34m) Arkansas parts for Contra Weapons – Mena Connection

26. (34m-36m) Seal Photographic Memory – Dave Emory 1987

27. (36m-37m) Drugs for Arms via DEA w/ John Kerry – Mena Connection

28. (36m-37m)Pirates – Behind Iran Contra

29. (37m-38m) TAI PAN OPIUM WARS and HONG KONG

30. (38m-40m) SEAL OSWALD DRUGS ARMS – Emory 503b

31. (40m-42m) CIA Opium Cold War – McCoy

32. (42m-43m) Doing something about drugs – Reagan

33. (43m-44m) Barry Flew Plane out of Dallas 11-22-63 – Dave Emory 503a

34. (43m-44m) Barry Seal’s plane N-Numbers changed – similar to 9-11 Venice Airport – Mena

35. (44m-45m) SEAL MENA

36. (45m-46m) Crack Cocaine

37. (46m-47m) Aircraft Modifications – Mena

38. (47m-48m) Seal MLK airstrip building – Dave Emory 503b

39. (47m-48m) Secret Airstrip training – Mena

40. (48m-50m) Oliver North Barry Seal – Dave Emory 2005

41. (50m-52m) continuity of Govt. Oliver North

42. (52m-52m) SEAL WORKED FOR BUSH – WHISTLEBLOWER DEAD- Emory 2005 f503a

43. (52m-53m) Nancy Reagan – No Moral Middle Ground

44. (53m-55m)Immortal Technique Peruvian Cocaine / Scarface

45. (55m-56m) Behind Iran Contra – Deny Covert Operation

46. (56m-59m) Peter Brewton – Origins of Iran Contra in S&L

47. (59m-1h) Abuse of Power Montage – Behind Iran Contra

48. (1h-1h2m) man on the street thinks it will continue – Behind Iran Contra

49. (1h2m-1h3m) July 2000 Opium Ban - McCoy

50. (1h3m-1h4m) Atta in Venice – Welcome to Terrorland

51. (1h4m-1h5m) SEAL BEN VENISTE – Dave Emory

52. (1h5m-1h6m) terrorists returned cars – Welcome to Terrorland

53. (1h6m-1h7m) Dekkers FBI Cargo Plane

54. (1h7m-1h10m) Magic Dutch Boy Theory – Welcome to Terrorland

55. (1h10m-1h12m) CIA agent Tosh Plumlee says National Security Coup de Tat has occurred

56. (1h12m-1h16m) CIA Agent says War is Eugenics and Drug War is fake – Robert Steele

57. (1h16m- 1h17m) The American People have the Right to Know – Dirty Secrets CIA Drugs

58. (1h17m-1h51m) Richard’s Introductory Monologue

  3. M1 Garand vs M1903 bolt action springfield
    1. 11:50s
  4. Hopsicker link:
  5. Dave Emory:

59. (1h51m-3h) Iran Contra and the Deep State- Richard Grove with Tim Kelly on “Our Interesting Times”

60. (3h-4h47m) The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush – Peter Brewton

61. (4h47m-5h39m) In Search of American Druglords – Daniel Hopsicker (JFK to Barry Seal)

62. (5h39m-6h20m) Barry Seal’s Setup – Dave Emory 1987

63. (6h20m-6h44m) The Dirty Secrets and History of the CIA, Drugs, Finance, and Contras by Robert Parry

64. (6h44m-7h35m) The CIA and the Death of Barry Seal – Dave Emory 2005

65. (7h35m-8h44m) Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair

66. (8h44m-11h2m) The Mena Connection - Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, and Iran Contra Drug Running

67. (11h2m-12h42m) Clinton Chronicles

68. (12h42m-13h36m) James Corbett’s “Requiem for the Suicided: Vince Foster

69. (13h36m-14h33m) Compromised: Drugs, Clinton, Bush and the CIA -Terry Reed with Jeff Steinberg

70. (14h33m-16h13m) Secret Heartbeat of America – Daniel Hopsicker 1997 (80’s Mena Druglord Connection)

71. (16h13m-16h37m) How Crack funded the CIA – Gary Webb Interview on Iran Contra

72. (16h37m-16h38m) Nancy Reagan – Crack Cocaine

73. (16h38m-17h5m) Prof. Alfred McCoy on the Opium Trade in Afghanistan

74. (17h5m-18h5m) Welcome to Terrorland: Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus – Daniel Hopsicker

75. (18h5m-18h6m) Nancy Reagan

76. (18h6m-18h11m)Peruvian Cocaine – Immortal Technique

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