Peace Revolution episode 075: The Individual vs. The Collective


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Peace Revolution episode 075: The Individual vs. The Collective

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(0-3min) NSA unaware of the extent of Snowden Leak

(3-4min) Bradley Manning Sentenced, Declares he’s Chelsea Manning and Female

(4-5min) The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill (InfoWars Nightly News with Rob Dew)

(5-10min) Richard’s introductory monologue

(10m-1h40m) (Video) History… Solutions with Mark Passio (How to Escape the Psychology of Control)

(1h40m-3h19m) (Video) History… Interview with Jon Rappoport (How to Analyze the News)

(3h19m-4h28m) (Video) History… Interview with G. Edward Griffin (The Individual vs. the Collective)

(4h28m-6h4m) (Video) History… The Last Will and Testament of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment (featuring Kevin Cole and Brett Veinotte)

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