Peace Revolution episode 051: Truth is the Enemy of the State / The Irony of Secrecy


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  1. Tragedy and Hope dot com
  2. March’s Invitation to the Tragedy and Hope online community (link expires monthly)
  3. Log in page for the Tragedy and Hope online community
  4. Peace Revolution primary site (2009-2012)
  5. Peace Revolution backup stream(2006-2012)
    1. Includes the 9/11 Synchronicity Podcast (predecessor to Peace Revolution)
    2. These 2 podcasts amount to 250+ hours of commercial-free educational content, which formulate a comprehensive and conscious curriculum.
    3. The Ultimate History Lesson dot com
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        2. ii. What is a Torrent?(on Wikipedia)
          1. uTorrent (software to create and download torrent files)
          2. Lew Rockwell discussing The Ultimate History Lesson with Mark Carbonaro (of radio station KION in Monterey, CA)

10. Peg Luksik “Who Controls our Children? How Public Schools Dumb Down Students” 1992

  1. NEA: A Trojan Horse in American Education by Samuel Blumenfeld (1984)

11. Corbett Report Radio 096: In the Labyrinth of the Psychopath with Thomas Sheridan

12. School Sucks Podcast 130: Logic Saves Lives / Empowerment and Intellectual Self-Defense with Richard Grove and Tony Myers

13. Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

  1. Trivium” menu at the top of Tragedy and Hope dot com

14. Definition of existence (or reality): Reality/Existence is every substance, action, relationship, and attribute which is, was, or ever will be.

  1. This sentence describes the ENTIRETY of language, inclusive of Aristotle’s Ten Categories of Being (relates to proofs of that which exists, i.e “reality”).
  2. Now re-read the sentence, replacing the words with the Grammar equivalents:
  3. “Reality/Existence is every noun, verb, adjective/adverb, and prepositonal phrase/conjunction that is, was, or ever will be.”

15. Definition of compulsory: Depending on or produced by compulsion; compelled, forced, enforced, obligatory. In special collocations, as compulsory education. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

16. Definition of volition: An act of willing or resolving; a decision or choice made after due consideration or deliberation; a resolution or determination. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

17. Definition of irrationality: The quality of being devoid of reason. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

18. Definition of sophism: A specious but fallacious argument, either used deliberately in order to deceive or mislead, or employed as a means of displaying ingenuity in reasoning. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

19. Definition of solipsism: The view or theory that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing really existent. Also, = egoism 1, and in weakened sense. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

20. Definition of fallacy: Deception, guile, trickery; a deception, trick; a false statement, a lie. Deceitfulness (obs.). b.2.b Deceptiveness, aptness to mislead, unreliability. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

  1. Latin: Fallax, n. “deception”; and Fallere, v. “to deceive”
  2. Summary: Fallacies are errors in logical thinking, which you should refrain from integrating into your own mindset; when integrated, fallacies dissolve your freedom.
  3. Fallacy (on Wikipedia)

21. Definition of belief: The mental action, condition, or habit, of trusting to or confiding in a person or thing; trust, dependence, reliance, confidence, faith. Const. in (to, of obs.) a person. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

22. Definition of occult: Hidden (from sight); concealed (by something interposed); not exposed to view. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

  1. How to Free Your Mind: The Occulted Keys of Wisdom

23. Definition of education: Education: to bring out, to extract, to produce from a state of occultation (Johnson’s Dictionary, 1854); from the Latin verb educo, to lead or draw out.

  1. To un-occult information

24. The Trivium (on Wikipedia)

  1. Grammar (or Knowledge), as your input
  2. Logic (or Understanding), the process of thinking to remove contradictions
  3. Rhetoric (or Wisdom), as the output

25. The Ultimate History Lesson dot com

  1. Purchase the film (Coupon Code: SCHOOLSUCKS)
  2. Read the Transcript and Investigate the References
  3. Listen to the 16+ hour version with Commentary and Analysis
    1. i. Peace Revolution episodes 041-045

26. Charles Darwin and his marriage into the Wedgewood Pottery fortune

27. Definition of Religion: 3a. Action or conduct indicating a belief in, reverence for, and desire to please, a divine ruling power; the exercise or practice of rites or observances implying this. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

  1. Latin: religare (to bind or tie-back), the opposite of liberty
  2. Argumentum ad Ignorantium: appeal to ignorance fallacy
  3. Appeal to authority fallacy
  4. Appeal to tradition fallacy
  5. Appeal to popularity fallacy

28. Listing of Logical Fallacies (under the top menu “Trivium” entry)

29. Ad baculum fallacy: (Latin for argument to the cudgel or appeal to the stick), also known as appeal to force, is an argument where force, coercion, or the threat of force, is given as a justification for a conclusion. It is a specific case of the negative form of an argument to the consequences.

30. Deepest Secrets of Secret Societies

  1. Read and listen to: “How to Free Your Mind: The Occulted Keys of Wisdom
  2. Albert Pike page 861 of Morals and Dogma i. 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle ii. 3 = The Trivium iii. 4 = The Quadrivium iv. 5 = Your 5-Senses

    31. Fallacy of the Neglected Aspect(s): to present evidence in support of one side of an issue to the exclusion of relevant evidence to the contrary. The withholding of evidence hostile to the conclusion at hand may be malicious and intentional or due to unawareness.

    32. Definition of chanting: The action of the verb chant; singing, musical recitation, etc. (In early usage, also: Incantation, enchantment.) (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    33. Definition of psittacism: The mechanical repetition of previously received ideas or images that reflects neither true reasoning nor feeling; repetition of words or phrases parrot-fashion, without reflection, automatically. Hence ?psittacist; psitta?cistically adv. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    1. Latin: psitta = parrot

    34. Gatto: Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede (Chapter 12)

    1. The Underground History of American Education

    35. Antony Sutton: America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to Skull and Bones

    36. Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

    37. The Brain Model Organizational Software @ Tragedy and Hope

    1. The “Brain” tab on the top menu of Tragedy and Hope dot com
    2. This model contains thousands of connections between major topics, personalities, and events in modern history; trailing the origins of cause-and-effect back for thousands of years.

    38. Free State Project

    39. Larken Rose: The Most Dangerous Superstition (a must-read)

    40. Herbert Spencer (on Wikipedia)

    1. “survival of the fittest” concept

    41. Social Darwinism (on Wikipedia)

    42. Eugenics (on Wikipedia)

    43. Beatrice Webb (on Wikipedia)

    44. Sun Tzu (on Wikipedia)

    45. Machiavelli (on Wikipedia)

    46. Von Clausewitz (on Wikipedia)

    47. American History Association (on Wikipedia)

    48. Fabius Maximus (on Wikipedia)

    49. Fabian Socialism (on Wikipedia)

    1. Logo = Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
    2. Fabian Stained Glass Window (shaping the world in their image)
    3. Brain Model: connections between Fabian Socialism and the Rothschild Banking Empire

    50. Definition of predator: An animal that preys upon another. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    51. Edward R. Pease: “ History of the Fabian Society

    52. Justified Sinning: the belief without evidence, of illusions, and portraying fiction as fact; as a function of some underlying irrationality (i.e. authority has given them permission to rule over others and violate volition)

    53. “Babylonian Woe” by David Astle

    54. “The Republic” by Plato (on Wikipedia)

    1. Caste structure

    55. “Sic Itur Ad Astra” by Dr. Andrew Galambos

    1. Volitional Science Lectures

    56. Fallacy of Argument from Authority (on Wikipedia)

    1. Ad Verecundiam

    57. Immanuel Kant (on Wikipedia)

    1. Solipsism: The view or theory that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing really existent. Also, = egoism 1, and in weakened sense.
    2. b. Using logic and reason to “refute” logic and reason

    58. The Fallacy of the Stolen Concept: The “stolen concept” fallacy, first identified by Ayn Rand, is the fallacy of using a concept while denying the validity of its genetic roots, i.e., of an earlier concept(s) on which it logically depends.

    59. Argument (on Wikipedia)

    1. Declarative sentence
    2. Clear Terms
    3. True Premises
    4. Valid Argument

    60. Collectivism: The sacrifice of the individual rights as the function of powering the State.

    61. Definition of democide: death by government

    62. Definition of dialectic (logic): the process of asking substantial questions and finding valid answers which eliminates contradiction and ascertains identity, also known as “thinking”, this is the use of ratios to compare and contrast which creates rational and reasonable clarity in the mind.

    1. When Gatto says he “argues with himself about what he believes”, this is what he’s doing.

    63. “Against Schooling” by John Taylor Gatto, published by Harpers Magazine

    64. “On Sophistical Refutations” by Aristotle

    1. Contains the list of errors in thinking, a.k.a. “fallacies”
    2. Contains the gist of intellectual self-defense in terms of fallacies

    65. Colin Powell’s speech to the United Nations, genesis of the 2nd invasion of Iraq in 2003

    1. Full-text of Powell’s fallacy-ridden speech in The Guardian (London News)
    2. Powell’s infamous speech (on YouTube)

    66. Socrates (on Wikipedia)

    67. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (on Wikipedia)

    68. Definition of conspiracy: The action of conspiring; combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    69. Definition of “Conspiracy Theory”: “Additions 1997 Add: 4.4 Special Combs. conspiracy theory, the theory that an event or phenomenon occurs as a result of a conspiracy between interested parties; spec. a belief that some covert but influential agency (typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent) is responsible for an unexplained event; so conspiracy theorist. “ (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    70. Definition of Psittacism: The mechanical repetition of previously received ideas or images that reflects neither true reasoning nor feeling; repetition of words or phrases parrot-fashion, without reflection, automatically. (source: The Oxford English Dictionary)

    71. The Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude Shannon (on Wikipedia)

    72. Autodidactic (on Wikipedia)

    73. Didactic (on Wikipedia)

    74. Thinking = non-contradictory identification = Logic

    1. The process of which is also Reason by way of Rationality (compare and contrast ratios)

    75. Appeal to Laughter/Ridicule fallacy (on Wikipedia)

    76. Definition of diffidence: Want of confidence or faith; mistrust, distrust, misgiving, doubt. (source: Oxford English Dictionary); opposite of confidence

    77. Fallacy of Argument from Authority (on Wikipedia)

    1. Ad Verecundiam

    78. Religare: to tie back, to bind, to prevent from growing

    79. Amptssprache fallacy

    1. Fallacy of Authority
    2. Eichmann @ Nuremberg, “only following orders” defense
    3. Milgram Experiment (on Wikipedia)
    4. Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment (on Wikipedia)
    5. “Just doing my job” fallacy

    80. Definition of naïve: Natural, unaffected, simple, artless. (source: Oxford English Dictionary)

    81. Would you like to Know More?

    1. Tragedy and Hope dot com
      1. Trivium(tab on top menu)
        1. How to Free Your Mind
        2. List of Fallacies
        3. The Brain(tab on top menu)
          1. Critical Thinking Taken out of Public Schooling
          2. The Rothschild Banking Empire
    2. Pop-Up Fallacies dot com
      1. i. Obama 9 fallacies per minute
    3. Jan Irvin’s Gnostic Media podcast episodes investigating the Fallacies with Dr. Michael LaBossiere

    82. Corbett Report Interview 475: Curing Statism with Stefan Molyneux

    83. FreeDomainRadio 669: Dr. No – Friend or Foe by Stefan Molyneux

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