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It’s time for a new episode of The Pathfinders, brought to you by Ansarada, with our host, former NFL Player, Investor, and Entrepreneur Dhani Jones. On this episode, Dhani is joined by Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, and Investing with Impact Director of the Conscious Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley, Noel Pacarro Brown! Together, the duo speak about the work Noel does to help her clients advance the mission of their money and how impact-focused investing can give investors a sense of fulfillment by helping people, places, and the planet. Don’t miss this insightful new episode of The Pathfinders, brought to you by Ansarada.

You can learn more about the Conscious Wealth Management Group on their website and you can follow Noel on LinkedIn for more advice on investing for good.

Don’t forget you can also follow Dhani on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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