Multi-campus churches and mission effectiveness - with Antony Barraclough


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We’re seeing a shift in approaches to doing church. Traditional denominations are becoming more open to moving their focus from solo campuses to multi-campus ministries in order to increase mission capacity.
The argument is this may increase the effectiveness of church activity and increase our ability to engage local communities.
Church mergers had been seen as a last ditched thing, when one was on the verge of unviability. But there's a new discussion now, that merging a church with momentum, with another that is viable, but with less momentum, might be a more effective way to achieve overall growth.
Antony Barraclough, the senior minister of the newly merged North Light Anglican Church on the North Shore of Sydney, walks us through the effectiveness of this approach, and the missional advantages he has seen.

Sydney Anglican Report on Parish and Regional Restructure:

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