A perilous moment - with Kanishka Raffel, Richard Condie and Jennifer Hercott


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‘A perilous moment.’ - That’s how the Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel described the situation that the Anglican Church of Australia is in - after an important vote failed to win support of the nation’s bishops at the denomination’s National Synod.

After being delayed twice due to COVID, the leaders of the Australian Anglican Church gathered for the first time since the marriage plebiscite.

There were two statements and three motions to be debated that would have given the church clarity going forward.

But whereas it was clear that there was 60% support for orthodox teaching in the Synod, the critical motion was blocked by the House of Bishops.

The synod voted by houses - laity, clergy and bishops.
In the laity the numbers were 63 to 47 in favour
In the clergy the numbers were 70 to 39 in favour
In the house of bishops it was lost by 10 in support to 12 votes against, with two abstentions.

Today on The Pastor’s Heart we are speaking first to the Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel and then to the the Gafcon Australia Bishop RIchard Condie of Tasmania and Rev Jennifer Hercott from Queensland.

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