Mandatory Vaccinations to enter churches? - with Phil Colgan, John McClean & Akos Balogh


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What will happen in churches after the third wave of COIVD as the freedoms return to Australia over the next two months?

When vaccination rates reach 70% venues, including places of worship are likely to be reopened, and even more when the rates reach 80%.

Governments are planning more freedoms for those who are double vaccinated. But will they impose restrictions on who can attend worship?

Our guests are:

Akos Balogh, Executive Director of the Gospel Coalition Australia

John McClean, Acting Principal of Sydney’s Christ College (Presbyterian)

Phil Colgan, Minister of St George North Anglican Church

Are vaccine Passports a Religious Freedom Issue For Bible Believing Christians or not? And if the government doesn’t make it a requirement, how should local church leadership think through what expectations to put on staff, members and guests?

Plus what’s our panel’s reaction to the Ezekiel Declaration?

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