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My very first official paranormal investigation! I booked an 8 hour overnight investigation with Ghost Hunt USA. Hosts

Terry & Julie which in my post cuts kept calling her Jackie. Sorry, Julie. Both of them had totally different styles of interacting with the energies in the mansion. Which is freakin huge! It is filled with history dating back to the Revolutionary War and through Prohibition! There was so much looking back that I wish I captured but frankly, I was so overwhelmed by what I was experiencing that the whole 8 hours I just couldn't film. What you see in the movies...gets paranormal activity and parapsychology ALL WRONG! It comes in a variety of different ways! Manifestations, temperature changes, whispers, energy shifts, and stuff that just can not be explained! I AM HOOKED! I know know what an investigation looks like and I am sure as each next one I conduct, they will get better. Please leave me comments below and let me know what you think or share places where you think I should go next!

Special thanks to Anthony Manatrizio for all the super dope SLS camera footage and for guiding me through getting my first SLS camera! I can't wait to use it for my next investigation!

Check out: -History of White Hill Mansion:

White Hill relies on its community to keep it in existence. If investigations are not your thing, you can book a guided day tour through the mansion. Proceeds from either a Ghost Hunts investigation or a day tour through the mansion keep renovations at White Hill going!

Book a tour with Ghost Hunts USA: Be sure to leave comments below! Maybe you saw or heard something I didn't catch!

*none of my footage was edited or doctored with the exception of amplifying sound for clarity.

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