Interview with Journalist and UFO insider Martin Keller: The Space Pen Club Part 2


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MARTIN KELLER is a former pop culture journalist, published author and unproduced screenplay writer, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Leaders, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Final Frontier, Billboard, Utne Reader, Right On! the Star Tribune, the Mpls.-St. Paul Business Journal, City Pages and others, with appearances on Today, 48 Hours, PBS, Public Radio and more. Keller also has written Hijinx & Hearsay: Scenester Stories from Minnesota’s Pop Life and contributed to The Minnesota Series. For the past 25 years, he has worked as an award-winning public relations specialist, including an adventurous stint for The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). The Space Pen Club is based, in part, on that period.

Although many will not have heard of Keller he was involved in some of the biggest UFO stories of the last couple of decades. He spent 10 years placing his recollections in a new book called "The Space Pen Club."

In our2+ hour interview we discuss his almost one decade as the public relation officer for CSETI where he got an inside look at such stories as the UFO briefing given to CIA Director James Woolsey, the Rockefeller Steven Greer story. Keller describes how he brought in Danny Sheehan and Edgar Mitchell to work with CSETI. We talk about NIDS, the briefing efforts with the Clinton administration, the writing of the "Best Available Evidence" manual put out by Laurance Rockefeller nuclear weapons and UFOs, the role of consciousness, and a host of other historical UFO stories.

Finally, Keller goes through his own UFO experiences, the paranormal events he has experienced, and his near death experience. Then because Keller has done major journalistic stories related to music, we discuss UFOs and music, and Keller tells the story of a friend Curtiss A (Almsted), a musician and visual artist from Minneapolis, whose entire band may have been abducted many years ago.

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