Episode 127 | Kicking it w/ Jadine


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Due to unforeseen circumstance (Kieran leaving the episode in London) last week's episode was delayed. However, it's with GREAT pleasure that we can finally deliver the end product. In this episode the squad was depleted, with Kwame and Steven Out of Home on international duties, we reached into our London academy and fielded a team mixed with experience and youthful exuberance. Seasoned professionals Kieran and Yaf were joined by Jadine Downes, a quick-witted and inquisitive talent, who makes her full debut on the show having previously featured on Episode 70. Another one for the books, expect the usual and more, plenty of laughs, the occasional song and some thought-provoking conversation – this is a Caribbean connection that could even give The Wailers a run for their money.

What Made You Smile - (9:45)

Kieran explains why 'Life is Football' - (12:10)

A Drake discussion leads to a CLB vs Scorpion debate - (32:06)

Jadine ask's an intriguing question on personal branding (54:30)

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