79: The Early Humanoid Sightings, 1947-1954 with Chris Cogswell


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It wasn't long after Kenneth Arnold's infamous sighting, in June of 1947, that the humanoids appeared. First in Brazil and then in Italy. Early humanoid cases were few and far between, and and when they did appear, they were devoid of detail or the beings that piloted their UFOs were very strange. Some were 7 feet tall, others had 4 thumbs, and some looked like monsters plucked from a sci-fi horror film.
Today, I'm joined by Chris Cogswell of The Mad Scientist Podcast to discuss some of these early cases. We also discuss his departure from the Galileo Project, the culture around the UFO phenomenon and how complicated applying science to the UFO problem is.
The Humanoids: A Survey of World-Wide reports of landings of unconventional aerial objects and their alleged Occupants, FSR-SI 1966, N1
"The Spacemen Threw Stones" FSR V7 N6
"The Villa Santina Case" FSR V13 N1
"In 1952, the Flatwoods Monster Terrified 6 Kids, a Mom, a Dog - and the Nation"
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