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Show Page: Alternative Listening: "After kingship was lowered down from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu ...." Thus begins a "late" (~1800 BCE) version of the famed "Sumerian Kings List" -- recording a series of "much earlier historical dynasties" of different Mesopotamanian cities (and their rulers ...) existing in ancient Sumer (now, Iraq) almost seven thousand years before The Present. Mainstream scholars believe this clay transcription immortalizes the original, ancient "founding" of the first known "city" on Earth -- a place once called (in Sumerian) "Eridu" ... "Eden" in the western Bible -- by a scribe of a much later ruler. "King Utuo-hegal, of Uruk" had just led a successful military campaign to expel "the Gutians" from ancient Sumer: barbarian occupiers, who had plunged all of southern Mesopotamia into a century-long "dark age." With this small cunieform "updated proclamation," Utu-hegal was clearly seeking to legitimize his newly-won reign -- by claiming direct hereditory lineage to "when Kingship was lowered from Heaven ..." millenia before. Exactly like "King Charles III ... and the entire Royal Family of Britain!" Tonight, we explore an extraordinary idea: that of ALL the current "rulers of the Earth," who, more than King Charles III, has the Hereditary Right to "reintroduce the Human Race to their collective, ancient birthright" ... when "kingship was lowered from the stars ... to govern all Mankind ... from Heaven?" Join us .... Richard C. Hoagland Copyright 2022

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