The Best Songs on Pearl Jam's Ten Aren't the Singles


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Ten yielded (no pun intended, Pearl Jam fans) three enduring hit singles: "Alive," "Even Flow," and "Jeremy." But here on Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus, we focus on the legacy of the entire album -- and the real meat of Ten is on the non-single tracks.

The band has opened shows with the record's final track, "Release," ever since the original Ten tour. "Oceans" features some of the most unusual percussion arrangements on any hard rock track of the era. And the label wanted to release "Black" as a single, but the band refused.

On Episode 3 of The Opus: Ten, we dig into the songs we haven't been hearing on the radio over the last 30 years, and find out why they've become so beloved to Pearl Jam's legions of fans.

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