On My Nightstand: Dare To Defy by Peter Shompole Ole Leroka


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I love this story and was particularly in awe of the plain and beautiful way Mr. Shompole Ole Leroka brings us into what it was like to grow in Maasailand, Kenya in the 1930s and 40’s..

Dare to Defy captures the efforts of an individual in Africa as he breaks the constraints of ethnic traditions and carves a path for himself in a fast-changing world. Told in a detailed, humorous and captivating manner, the memoir traces the life of Shompole Ole Leroka as he moves from a pastoralist base by the Shompole Hills on the Kenya-Tanzania border, to Kiserian, a fast-urbanizing setting in independent Kenya. It is a story about relationships, betrayal, love, education, diligence and ambition; an engaging narrative of the pleasure of parenthood, the joys of community life, the value of land, the making of a nation and the effects of globalization on individuals and on the Maasai community.

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