Carlin Quinn on Education for Racial Equity


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Carlin Quinn is the founder and current director of Education For Racial Equity. She is also a coach, facilitator, therapist, equity consultant to organizations, communities, and individuals interested in dismantling systems of oppression and co-creating cultures of equity, mutual liberation and rooted in compassion and non-violence.

In this episode, Eric and Carlin discuss her important work in bringing awareness to and helping others to engage in racial equity work.

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Carlin Quinn and I Discuss Education for Racial Equity and…

  • Understanding internalized and unconscious racism
  • Moving out of our good/bad binary into curiosity keeps us open to learning
  • How our ignorance of systemic racism is incredibly harmful
  • The importance of white people tending to their own trauma and also staying present in racial equity work
  • Becoming aware of what we are triggered by and asking who we become when triggered
  • Her program with Resmaa Menaken, “Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism
  • Defining “bodies of culture” as identified by Resmaa
  • The fear and ambivalence in engaging in racial equity work
  • Choosing to engage in equity practices in your life, with your children, and with your friends
  • The need for educating ourselves both individually and communally

Carlin Quinn links:

Carlin’s Website

Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism Program


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