Minisodes 005-006


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We’re back with some scripted minisodes today, for this between-chapters month.

“On The Origin Of A Song”
by Paul Notice and Christian T. Kelley-Madera
Performed by:
Paul Notice – Matronson
Matthew K. Addison – Younger Man
Gregory M. Schulz – Rival Merchant
Christian T. Kelley-Madera – Elf Guard
CONTENT NOTES: Contains depictions of racist state violence

“A Holiday Dinner”
by Dirk Hampton
Performed by:
Anya Gibian – Molly Bailey, Minnie Bailey, Mona Bailey, Maeve Bailey

Editing for Minisodes 005 and 006 by BriElle Achterhof
Foley, Sound Design, and Post-Production Mixing by Matthew Boudreau
Associate Producers: Susan Degan and Alec Story


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