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In this Episode of #TheOliverSchirachShow, I got to talk to Per Kristiansen one of the very first employees working on the development of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method back in 2000

We got to talk about:

  • He describes himself as: Playful (Exploring, safe space), Predictability & Integrity => Boundaries, so people know what to expect from Per
  • Flow requires certain boundaries
  • His story from being a vine merchant to become a partner and co-founder of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
  • Background in Management, Consultancy, Business Change Management etc
  • How he got into LSP
  • The story of LSP and why LEGO® didn’t shout it out into the world. But let it grow slowly
  • It started as a strategy workshop
  • What is LSP? A problem solving technique
  • It’s a language. A communication technique. People tend to answer too fast and do not really think.
  • How our brain processes information
  • How LSP and LEGO bricks help thinking and problem solving (7-10min block to think, 3D Information, Metaphors, Modularity of bricks and elements)
  • Who profits to use LSP? It’s a language. Everyone profits in a way

The 4 Step Core Process of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

  1. Core step 1: Posing a question: the facilitator poses a question or challenge
  2. Core step 2: Building a personal model: Everyone builds their answer to that question using Lego bricks. The available bricks are designed to inspire the use of metaphors and story making
  3. Core step 3: Sharing the model: Everyone is invited to share their model with the other participants. This ensures 100% participation and 100% distribution and understanding of the knowledge.
  4. Core step 4: Reflecting on the model: Try to distil some insights, points of attention, clarifications in relation to the model.

Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

Reach out:

  • LinkedIN Per Kristiansen
  • per.kristiansen@trivium.dk
  • www.trivium.international/

Links & References:

  • https://seriousplay.training
  • Remote session of 4 hours with one of the facilitators
  • Medium (Articles) https://medium.com/@per.kristiansen_64402

  • Book:
  • Robert Rasmussen & Per Kristiansen - “Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method





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