Julian Cundiff - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 57


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This week we welcome long standing Nash angler, former legal “big wig” and one of the busiest and most helpful men in carp fishing, none other than Julian Cundiff.

Julian takes us back to his formative carp fishing days where he was noticed after submitting an article to Tim Paisley and given the nickname “The Selby Flyer”. This nickname was fitting of Julian’s incredible work ethic which runs the course of his whole life but was evident in his carp catching exploits in his early years on northern venues such as Tilery and Drax.

Julian talks about his writing and becoming co-editor of carp Fisher working alongside Tim paisley, a role in which he mixed with the founding fathers of carp fishing such as Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Maddocks and in later years Kevin Nash. Julian gives an insight into his writing journal which is still to this day seeing him in print and at present he is working on another book to be released next year.

Back to fishing and Julian shares stories about how he balanced a thirty eight year long career in the courts with his carp fishing. In the early years this cost him relationships and friendships but his passion for carp fishing and hard work were always paramount to him in terms of importance. He talks about his overnighters and successfully adapting an approach over the years including his infamous “Claw Rig” that work perfectly for his short session style of fishing. He also talks about his UK personal best of 49lb 6oz caught from Nash Church Lake and how despite him now being retired and having the time, chasing a bigger carp isn’t of interest to him. Julian goes in depth on his relationship with Kevin Nash and Nash tackle which goes back to 1989.

Finally, Julian talks about his healthy lifestyle, love for music and what keep him motivated in his angling now. He also shares his opinions on modern carp fishing media and why you don’t see him appearing on video.

This podcast is an incredibly interesting and frank look at a man who is a real piece of carp fishing history. They certainly don’t make men and characters like Julian anymore so sit back and enjoy a look into the minds eye of our very own “Jules”

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