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Hi everyone! This is Kelly - your Nutrition Coach and Brain Health Professional on a mission to teach you how to get a better brain! Thanks for joining me.

Welcome to my channel where I share valuable information and teach about brain health.

Today, I’d like to talk about what it’s like being an online nutrition coach and how I help people reach their goals. But first, let’s start by considering why you may want to hire a nutrition coach. Why should you see a nutritionist? For the same reasons that professional athletes, actors and executives hire a nutritionist… to stay physically fit, mentally sound, and spiritually secure.

How would you like to develop a healthier relationship with food? Improve your mental health? Regain the energy and vitality you once had? Lose weight and keep it off for good? Gain a competitive advantage at work or school?

As a nutrition coach, these are among the things I get to help people with - and I couldn’t be happier doing so!

Now what you may not know about being a nutrition coach is what happens behind the scenes. When someone wants to work with me, I send them a very detailed questionnaire through my secure online platform that asks them a variety of questions. Some of them include such things as what they currently eat and do, what their goals are, and what symptoms or challenges they may be struggling with. Armed with that information, I start my detective work. My aim is to discover why the person may be experiencing the symptoms they have or what may have been holding them back from reaching their goals in the past. This way, when we start our sessions together, we can work at correcting any underlying issues.

What may surprise you is that as a nutrition coach, I don’t just focus on food. Even though food is a large part of the plan I create for someone, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Because we are all biochemically unique with different needs, abilities, and values, I also consider a person’s lifestyle, stress, sleep, family dynamics, work schedule, exercise regime, mindset, and history. I ask probing questions that help me determine which area (or areas) of their brain may be overactive or not getting enough blood flow. Taking all these things into consideration, I create a highly individualized plan for each person I work with. And what sets me apart is my experience in neuronutrition and brain health.

How we process information, our mindset around eating habits and our relationship with food all play a huge role in our overall health. So when I work with someone, as a nutrition coach, I work to help them improve their whole lives - not just help them clean up their diet.

If this sounds good to you, if you’d like to know what foods and lifestyle changes can benefit you, if you’d like to explore your relationship with food, if you’d like to make better eating decisions and boost your mental health, if you’re ready to change your mindset about food and eating, and if you’re ready to work hard to reach your goals, then I’m ready to hear from you!

Email me at

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach all your goals!

Until next time, stay happi and healthy!

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