Ep 36 // Has This Past Year Shaken Up Your Faith and Woken Up Your Heart? Here’s My Spiritual ‘Awakening’ Journey and What It Means to ‘Pursue Your Greatest Potential’, as you Walk in Your Purpose!


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Honestly friend,

This is one of those conversations that everything in me wanted to run away from because it felt too hard to tackle...to put into words what God has been revealing to me this year and articulate fully what’s in my heart, in the right way.

But I felt like I HAD to open up and do my best to share SOME of the pieces of what God has been doing in my heart this year.

This year - 2021 - for me the ONE in this number has represented something significantly NEW. It’s felt like year ONE of my life in some ways. I feel like I’ve been “born again” and am trying to live again or rather live in a NEW way.

I feel like there’s been a major spiritual awakening in my heart...but ultimately the only thing I can say is that God is doing a NEW thing in me.

Embracing this process has not been easy or pretty...but it’s SO worth it to me and I will forever be on the journey or pursuing my greatest potential by pursuing more of Jesus!

In today’s episode I ask myself the hard questions and answer honestly.

I recently heard a quote that said "some of life's greatest answers are questions"

- If you are feeling stuck in your faith or questioning all you've known?

- If you know deep down there has got to be MORE!

- If you too are going through your own spiritual “awakening” and the old ways of thinking and living just don’t seem good enough anymore?

What you are really asking is for an EXPERIENCE. You want to KNOW and experience your heavenly Father in a way so real that all questions fade away.

Keep pressing in and press play on Episode 36 to hear my heart and some of what I'm learning SO FAR.

My prayer is that the Lord would speak to you in the process, whatever it is that YOU need to hear because He was waking up and preparing HIS bride.

Let’s embrace this uncomfortable but necessary and refining process together because this is just the beginning of a life of greater freedom and greater purpose here on this earth.

I believe that...and I'm pulling you along with me! XOXO ~Michelle

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