Ep 35 // What Do You Do With Your Lists at the End of the Day? How to Bring Closure to Your Calendar and Go to Bed with a Full Heart Every Night!


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With the school year fully in swing for the kids, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your schedule and maybe what’s working and what’s NOT working in your life.

Last week I gave you ALL the details about exactly HOW I structure my life and bring a rhythm or “work flow” to my days.

The area of time management is always a place of learning because you can’t be a wife, homeschool mama, and get much done OUTSIDE of those responsibilities without being intentional with how you use your time.

I laid out how to “time block” to be more productive but most importantly, how to decide WHAT to fill it with to make your days purposeful.

I talked about how to decide your non-negotiables...those things that are NECESSARY and also NOURISHING to you!

You’ll want to listen to last week's episode # 34 on “How to Find Fulfillment while Managing Motherhood and Business! Where I teach you Meaningful Time Management Hacks to get Organized, Productive, and Purposeful with your day.

TODAY, I want to address what to do at the END of your day. How to wrap up your day and bring CLOSURE to your calendar...where no matter how chaotic or crazy the day was. No matter how much you DID or DIDN’T get done...you can always go to bed with a full heart; ready for peaceful sleep and a new day tomorrow.

P.S. I want to remind you to take a minute to remind you to take advantage of the FREE gift I created JUST for you, in this very season. This is my personal checklist with some solid advice to support you as a fellow busy mama.

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