Ep 34 // Hey Busy Mama! Here’s How to Find Fulfillment While Managing Motherhood and Business! Learn Meaningful Time Management Strategies to get Organized, Productive, and Purposeful with your day.


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Hey busy mama,

Do you want to discover God’s best and see if it’s really possible to be an excellent wife, an intentional mother, AND be successful in business...ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD?

As a wife of 16 years, a homeschooling mama of 5, and an entrepreneur, I know that the struggle is REAL!

One of the biggest challenges you’ve got to work through is the battle against the clock. It’s so easy to run out of time, or to run out of energy, or to run out of motivation...and simply end up letting some of the balls drop.

It is so disappointing to have such great intentions, but feel like you just can’t make it happen...Like You can’t measure up!

I know that feeling. I’m here to tell you that although I don’t have all the answers, I want to share with you some of the valuable tips and skills that I’ve learned to help me not only get more done, but to live a more fulfilled life.

Knowing at the end of the day that I’ve not only been PRODUCTIVE, but that my day - my life - has been MEANINGFUL!

Listen to today’s episode for ALL the juicy details as I literally walk you through my calendar and also let you into my heart.

Get out a pen and paper to take notes as I tell you EXACTLY how I order my day to create productivity and PURPOSE!

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