Christmas Clatter, Hallmark Wines and Christmas Parades


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Time Stamps
00:28 Show Intro
01:35 Elf Jacob's Christmas Joke
03:30 Weekly Christmas Quote
09:33 Todd Killian/Christmas Clatter Podcast
39:13 Hallmark Releases 3 New Wines
42:52 Llano Texas 2022 Lighted Christmas Parade
45:17 Manitowic Wisconsin invests 75k In New Christmas Decorations
47:06 Oak Ridge Tennessee 2022 Rocking Christmas Parade
48:48 2022 Bristol Tennessee Christmas Parade announced
52:24 Lighted Christmas Parade Eastland Texas
54:26 Holyoke Massachusettts looking fo 2022 City Christmas Tree
55:45 Best Christmas Parades in the United States
1:01:14 Royal Palace Official Christmas Pudding
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