North American Weed Tour Podcast Ep 7: Budtending With Brandon Lee


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On this episode of the North American Weed Tour Podcast, RMR's @JoeyJayPing talks with Brandon Lee, a budtender and entrepreneur from Seattle by way of Kentucky.

Brandon is a two state budtender who has experience in two different medical marijuana and recreational cannabis markets in Seattle and Los Angeles. Today we're talking about what life is like being a budtender in California in 2021 versus Seattle back in 2019.

We're also reviewing some cannabis products from Buddies Brand, Kalya, Fresh Baked, and PRIV. Products we're reviewing: - Kalya Extracts - Patty Cake - PRIV Headset Fruit Punch 100MG Beverage - Buddies Brand Sativa Live Resin Capsules

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