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He’s from the Church. She’s from the garden...of Weeden. They’re from different worlds with the same goal. To engage & explore the cannabis culture...from both sides. Join medicinal user, model & advocate Marijane Baker and non-consumer, former youth pastor & current clean comedian Timmy Boyle for a unique, funny & educational look into the magical, controversial and, for some, forbidden world of weed. On this weekly podcast, Timmy & Mj (a real life “mixed” couple) bring their cannabis pillow talk into the public domain as well as inviting guests, from inside & outside the weed community, to help educate, entertain & inspire the other noobies & doobies who are tuning in. <<< MEET THE HOSTS >>> Marijane Baker (The Doobie): “I’m Marijane Baker.” Some knowingly chuckle. Others reference Spiderman. And that’s how you weed out non-cannabis users! Yes, it’s her real name. Legally changed to better represent her journey, her passion...and to avoid the occasional stalker. At 27, having been diagnosed with anxiety, depression & IBS, Marijane was surprised to discover her 13 year cannabis journey was less “recreation” and more “medication”. After a negative reaction to prescribed pharmaceuticals propelled her down a rabbit trail of research into the benefits of medical marijuana, she now seeks to infuse a positive view of cannabis into as many lives as possible. >>> Timmy Boyle (The Noobie): “It’s Timmy B****!” Boyle, that is. Embracing his evangelical Baptist roots, the “Golden Child” successfully navigated his formative years without any alcohol, sex (despite “a colossal amount of opportunities”) or drugs...especially, “The Devil’s Lettuce”. Despite major philosophical & life changes, Timmy still doesn’t consume alcohol or recreational drugs. However in 2018, upon hearing Timmy had never even “tried” weed, Marijane introduced him to...Mary Jane. After a few puffs led to an immediate decline in his bowling score, Timmy merrily returned to his non-consuming existence, but his interest in discussing the science, culture & debates surrounding cannabis remains very high.

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