When You Are Everywhere You Are Nowhere with Dru Brown


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Today we sit down with Dru Brown, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Island Time.

Like many of us in the space, Dru's way into the vacation rental industry was unique. Listen to get the full story, but he chose beach bum over law school and worked his way up with the help of great mentorship on Hilton Head Island.

Since starting Island Time he and his team have grown their business from just 6 properties in 2019 to now over 120.

He discusses the importance of creating a culture within your business as well as how to go above and beyond to make yourself stand out. With this, Dru talks about being willing to bet on himself and we chat up how much courage that takes to be an entrepreneur in this space.

Dru is also on the board for VRMA and we dive into the importance of the association now and in the future.

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