Thoughtful Predictions for a Bullish Market with featured guest Jacobie Olin


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Like most in our industry, Jacobie Olin President of C2G Advisors and Olin Realty Group saw a record year in 2021., northwards of 180 million in negotiated deals, kind of a record year!

What does that say about our industry and where are we going in 2022 and beyond? Jacobie has some ideas.

We uncover that he didn't even realize he was born into the vacation rental industry (it didn't really have a name back then) when he was a child stripping beds... he thought his father James Olin, (Resort Quest, Sterling CEO of C2G) was in the hotel business.

This is a story of strong relationships, career sidesteps, and consultive nurturing for both buyers and sellers in tan ultra-competitive vacation rental mergers and acquisitions market.

Hold on short-term rental industry, we're in the "early innings" of a ball game that's just interesting!

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