Success... Not One Size Fits All with featured guest Mickey Kropf


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Just because most aren't doing it a certain way doesn't necessarily mean it's the wrong way.
Mickey Kropf, Founder & CEO of Vector Travel joins us with his story which is different from most... or is it? We have all seemingly stumbled into the short-term rental space in one way or another.
From baseball to commercial real estate to Co-Founding Rented and now Vector Travel, Mickey's story is one of success no matter how you look at it.
This is a great listen especially for those that are working the vacation rental landscape in a "traditional" manner as there is more than just one way to do what we do.
Mickey and his team work with developers and multi-family partners navigating this "alternate" vacation rental landscape with skill and precision.
The No BS Short Term Rental Podcast brings the right people to the table at the right time giving their audience an inside view and real take on the industry like no other.

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