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We've checked a lot of boxes in a short time here at the no BS short-term rental podcast, and today we've checked another.

We've been blessed with a sit-down with the one and only Simon Lehmann. Are we official now?

With a resume that reads like a vacation rental dictionary, we chat industry beginnings and his trajectory to where he is today with ALJ Atelier Consulting.

For most, adding Industry Consultant to your title is a sign of not being able to land the gig you really want... Simon proves this theory wrong and dives into his current ongoings overseas and his upcoming trip here to the US for VRMA.

We're stoked to have Simon share his knowledge with us as we discuss business models that are working and the ones that will ultimately fail.

Listen up and suck in all you can. Simon puts it all out there even though he wasn't wearing his signature red shoes for our show.

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