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We're honored to have our good friend and 2021 Women's Summit Pioneer Award winner Carole Lynn Sharoff join us this week.
The President of AVH Realty, Inc, and Atlantic Vacation Homes brings her almost 40 years of vacation rental industry knowledge (and stories) to the table in a way that only she can.
On top of running her business, Carole has served on various boards and committees both industry-focussed with VRMA and community focussed with Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce.
Carole has paved the way for many in the vacation rental space to include 2 of her 3 amazing children Jonathan Fonvielle and Michelle Williams. In addition, she had been at the forefront of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives pushing for industry-wide recognition, acceptance, and understanding.
Talking about who she is as a person, Carol states "I won't let things be said that can't be proven". It is this type of leadership that we here at the no BS pod admire and look up to.
A true outspoken and courageous pioneer!
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