Inclusive Futurist Thinking with featured guest Kristina Williams


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Live from the VRMA International conference in San Antonio, we were joined by the one and only Kristina Ashley Williams, Founder & CEO of Unpacking.

An amazing woman with an equally amazing story, Kristina was hired by the VRMA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Sub-committee to lead a workshop on DEI at the conference.

During this podcast, we dive into her story, our workshop, the state of the industry (and world) with regards to inclusion, the panel that Mateo and I co-moderated, and bring it back to Kristina and where she is going.

This episode may hit close to home for many and we're so proud to have built a platform and audience that welcomes real conversations that cover topics that are deeper than just surface.

Listen up, we promise you'll learn something!

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