#297 Why We Can’t Talk About Steve?


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Nikki is joined by her BFF Anya Marina who is on a location that everyone has on their phone. They all confess their different Starbucks addictions before going into their newest one...Steve. Nikki shares a message she received from him after the Stevecast which makes Anya literally disrobe. Nikki shares some unfortunate news about having to reduce the podcast again to one day a week. While in Santa Barbara with Julie and Anya, they talk about how Nikki's mom is so unintentionally funny. As Nikki goes through some changes...she realizes she is turning into her mom. In Reddit Dump Nikki reads the latest discussions that she found interesting from people who hate babies, those who wonder about panhandlers, people who get corrected for correcting grammar and celebrities who question paid meet and greats.


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