Episode 41, with Pat Sullivan


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On this episode we have an awesome guest. We have Pat Sullivan. Pat who has coached basketball for over 44 years.
- 10 years at the high school level
- 34 at the collegiate level.
Pat believes there are great life lessons for young people, that they can learn from sport: the importance off working hard - there are no shortcuts; teamwork - it's not only about you; be a good teammate; discipline - work till the job gets done; no excuses; listening - athletics can teach you the importance of and how to listen; and the integration of toughness and graciousness - in the arena, you must perform with toughness, but when the competition is over, treat everyone with graciousness.
Pat is the author of Attitude - The Cornerstone of Leadership and Team-Building: From the Bench to the Boardroom.
Pat shares insights into his career & the importance of Attitude in a Leadership position and concepts that are important in building a team in athletics!

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