Special Edition: Battling Worker Burnout


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You’ve probably heard of the “Great Resignation.” What’s the reason behind all those people quitting? A recent study by Limeade blames burnout as the top reason people are resigning. And the American Psychological Association reports burnout levels are at an all-time high.

We’re talking with two experts today, starting with Dr. Monica Johnson. She’s a clinical psychologist and the host of the “Savvy Psychologist” podcast. She’ll explain how to identify, prevent and deal with worker burnout.

You’ll also hear from someone who was impacted so much by burnout himself that he turned his experience into part of his career. James Nicholas Kinney is a global diversity and marketing executive, author and speaker. He’s helped dozens of companies as a consultant and is the chairman of “The Force,” which says it’s the first initiative bringing the world’s top brands together to solve societal problems through business.

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