Ep 944 | WHAT? Biden's SCOTUS Pick to Be Based on Skin Color and Gender | Guests: Carol Roth


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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he will be retiring, which means President Biden will have his first SCOTUS pick. Will he stick with the pledge he made while campaigning that he will nominate a black woman? BlazeTV's very own host Savanah Hernandez of "Slightly Offens*ve" went to Washington D.C. for the "Defeat the Mandates" march and ran into some leftists who had some thoughts on the vaccine. The microchip shortage is now put factories across the U.S. at risk of shutting down as companies are down to five days of inventory. And as Americans are receiving their COVID tests from the government, they're finding an interesting something about them: They're made in China! And lastly, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has unfortunately announced that she will be running for re-election ... "for the children."

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