Beirut-ing for Change: Assessing Lebanon's elections


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Lebanon held parliamentary elections on 15 May, and saw a raft of new independent candidates secure seats, in addition to Hezbollah losing its parliamentary majority.

On this week's episode of The New Arab Voice, we explore the results of the recent vote, and what it means for Lebanon. Can the new independent members of parliament bring about change in the country? What does the loss for Hezbollah mean for the traditionally strong party? What are the prospects for Lebanon now securing a financing deal with the International Monetary Fund?

We speak with Randa Slim (@rmslim), Senior Fellow & Director of Conflict Resolution & Track II Dialogues Program at the Middle East Institute, and Karim Bitar (@karimbitar), Professor of International Relations at University Saint Jospeh and cofounder of Kulluna Irada, an advocacy group for political reform.
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